Whole Cakes


Need a sweet treat for your special occasion? Papa Haydn offers a selection of whole cakes with classic designs, and we can also create custom cakes in all shapes and sizes.

See the menu below for a selection of our whole cake offerings, then give us a call at our Sellwood location (503-232-9440) or our Northwest location (503-228-7317) to place your order! We also have a constantly changing selection of seasonal cakes. Please ask about those when you call.

A selection of our whole cakes and individual-sized desserts can also be found at grocery stores around Portland, including New Seasons, Zupan’s Market, and Fred Meyer.



Banana Coconut Cream Pie


Shortbread crust, coconut pastry cream, fresh bananas, chocolate whipped cream, toasted coconut

190716-Papa Haydn-Cake Photos-8.jpg


Boccone Dolce


French meringues drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate with whipped cream and fresh, seasonal fruit



Carrot Cake


Carrots, walnuts, coconut and pineapple in a cinnamon spice cake with cream cheese frosting

190509-Papa Haydn-96.jpg




Kahlua and espresso-soaked almond sponge cake, sweetened ricotta, chocolate filling, vanilla chantilly cream

190509-Papa Haydn-88.jpg


Chocolate Truffle Cake


Dense chocolate cake layered with dark, milk and white chocolate ganaches

190509-Papa Haydn-87.jpg


Georgian Peanut Butter Mousse Torte


Peanut butter mousse encased in chocolate buttermilk cake, frosted with milk chocolate and dark chocolate ganache

190716-Papa Haydn-Cake Photos-26.jpg


German Chocolate Cake


Chocolate buttermilk cake with layers of classic coconut-pecan filling, frosted with milk chocolate ganache

190509-Papa Haydn-29.jpg


Lemon Chiffon Cake


Fluffy lemon cake, lemon curd, crème fraîche, lemon cream cheese frosting

190509-Papa Haydn-41.jpg


Mt. Adams Cake


Fluffy hazelnut-coconut cake, praline Viennese buttercream, wild huckleberry compote, hazelnut whipped cream

190509-Papa Haydn-2.jpg




Guittard chocolate mousse and hazelnut praline cream piped on almond and hazelnut meringues with whipped crème fraîche

190716-Papa Haydn-Cake Photos-1.jpg


Mint Tuxedo


Chocolate buttermilk cake, peppermint whipped ganache filling, white chocolate crunchy pearls

190716-Papa Haydn-Cake Photos-17.jpg


New York Cheesecake


Classic New York-style poached cheesecake with housemate whipped crème fraîche

190509-Papa Haydn-73.jpg


Raspberry Gateau


Fallen chocolate soufflé baked with Triple-Sec and brandy, enrobed in dark chocolate ganache and topped with fresh raspberries



Triple Chocolate Cake


Caramel soaked chocolate buttermilk cake, dark chocolate with milk chocolate ganaches